Cueva Regina

Around a large patio, in which there is an area to eat and a deck chair where you can rest in the shade and enjoy a nap or reading, there are 4 bedrooms dug into the rock. These caves have the characteristic white color and inside they make up very comfortable spaces for rest.

Two of them are paired and have a front seating area. There is also a kitchen and a bathroom, made in a later period in a brick factory.

The accommodation has a barbecue area and a large terrace with a removable pool, which has incredible views of the entire Tamadaba area.

Right in front of the pool you can enjoy the view of the Archaeological Site of Risco Caido.

Cueva Regina Risco Caído is 11 km from Cueva Pintada Museum.

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Enjoy the charm of this cave in the traditional Canarian style. The main characteristic of these buildings, made by hand in the rock, is their ideal temperature both in winter and in summer. The Canarian caves provide shelter when it is cold and form a cool and comfortable space to rest during the summer.

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