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I'm Mónica Bolaños and I will be happy to manage your vacation home

In 2016 we began to manage the first vacation home. Gradually, properties were added, primarily from friends and family, and in this way, the company took shape until it became a service company with qualified personnel.

Our value,
personalized treatment

We treat each client in a personalized way, without automating services and being honest, from you to you. For this reason, we can guarantee you total peace of mind when leaving your home in our hands. We will treat your home better than ours and we will provide you with a return on it.

Decision making

The implementation of the mechanisms and actions necessary for the location of the property in the sales channels, as well as the decision-making on which channels to use.

Advice and guidance

Advice prior to the start of the activity on the actions to be carried out in the property (reforms, repairs, conditioning, provision of furniture, household items, etc.) in order to optimize its general and maintenance condition that allow optimal exploitation of the herself.

Managing your ad

Supervision, preparation and publication of property announcements. Likewise and, once said announcements have been published, the revision of the announcements (control of statistics, communication with the platforms, answering customer inquiries, management of the platforms) and all the actions that are necessary for the better management of the property in the sales channels.

Property supervision

Preparation and supervision of the property for the reception of clients. We make sure that the property is in the right condition before the arrival of each new guest (cleaning, linen, state of the facilities).

Customer reception

We welcome our guests and facilitate transportation to their accommodation. We assist you both at the reception and upon your departure.

Guest care

Constant communication with the guest during their stay in order to offer them support (information, advice, answer to questions and problems during the stay). Likewise, if any breakdown or damage to the property occurs during the stay, we will send the necessary technician or professional to solve the specific problem.

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Rent your home safely

We will inform you of all the details and doubts you have to advise you in a personalized way in the management of your home. You can also contact by phone or email.